Yes No   Answer these questions honestly to decide if you need the help of a professional Realtor®
1. Do I have time to research the residential housing market?
2. Do I have the knowledge to integrate and understand the information to me?
3. Can I integrate the information available on real estate Internet sites into useful data that will help me buy a home?
4. Do I have the expertise to negotiate on my own behalf?
5. Do I have the ability to find a qualified home inspector?
6. Do I have the time to research the home-loan programs available on the market?
7. Do I have the time to interview mortgage-loan officers?
8. Do I have the time and expertise to target market the type of home I want to purchase?
9. Do I know the zoning regulations and building codes pertaining to residential real estate in the area where I want to live?
10. Do I have the time to research to see if my new home is in a flood zone?

If you answered No to any of the above questions, then you will need the help of a licensed, professional REALTOR® in buying a home.

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